Ability to add notes to a user without adding a warning (admin feature)


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What archive revision are you testing on?

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Right now, if an admin wants to attach a note to a user (for admin use), they need to, at least, attach a warning to the user as well.

It should be possible to just add a note without a warning.


  1. Log in as an admin at https://test.archiveofourown.org/admin/login

  2. In the “Name” field of the “Find Users” form, enter the name of a user you’d like to test this on, e.g. testy

  3. Press “Find”

  4. In the table showing the results, follow the “Details” link for the appropriate user

  5. Under “Warnings and Suspensions,” choose “Record note”

  6. In the “Notes” field, enter a note

  7. Press “Update”

  8. Ensure that the “User History” table is updated with the note

Please also mention if there is confusing or incorrect wording or any similar issues.


Sammie Louise
February 8, 2020, 6:01 PM

Added a note to the Sammie_Testing account, and then also a warning. The User History had the current/previous login IP details above the note/warning, even though the note & warning were both more recent data. Could potentially be confusing, but if it’s intended I imagine people will get used to it.

Ehryn (Danielle Strong)
February 8, 2020, 6:13 PM

I was successfully able to add a note to Testy and it showed up in the list! However, as Sammie noted it showed up after less recent information. From a PAC perspective it would be easier if it came up at the top, especially given some users have a lot of password/username changes, but as long as we let the team know they may have to scroll down to find their note it’s not the end of the world if this can’t be changed

February 8, 2020, 7:02 PM

Currently, the user history table is set up to always display things in this order:

  • Current login info

  • Previous login info

  • All other information (e.g. password changes, warnings, notes), from newest to oldest

  • Account creation date

We should be able to make it so any notes stay on the top, either before or after the login rows, though!


Ehryn (Danielle Strong)
February 8, 2020, 7:08 PM

It’s okay if that’s the preferred way to have the info display! Like I say as long as we let the team know it’ll show up underneath login info rather than on top we shouldn’t have too many troubles, and even if people forget it’s not like adding the same note again just to be sure will have any effect on the account. I’ll defer to AD&T on what the best course of action is, unless you’d prefer me to ask the PAC chairs their preference?

February 8, 2020, 8:02 PM

I would’ve said poking chairs sounded good to me, but Matty’s fast – she weighed in before I even saw your comment!

Matty 35 minutes ago

for some reason Jira won't let me comment, but I think for consistency's sake we should have the IPs at the top, then everything else under that.

Matty 6 minutes ago
I think it might be my internet - pages keep freezing on me. but yes, it's fine as is. we'll just make sure everyone knows the IP logins will always be at the top.

So it sounds like we’re good with the current set-up.



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