Co-creators added to a multi-chaptered work through Edit Multiple Works feature are not added to individual chapters


Updated Issue

This is current! Please refer to this when coding or testing!

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Log in as Account A

  2. Create a multi-chaptered work

  3. Go to Hi, Account A at top of window and select "My Works"

  4. Click "Edit Works"

  5. Select multi-chaptered work from Step 2 and click "Edit"

  6. Enter Account B into "Add Authors" field

  7. Scroll down and click "Update all works"

  8. View multi-chaptered work

Incorrect behavior:

“Account A, Account B” shows up under work title, but under each chapter is "Chapter by Account A".

Expected behavior:

Account B should show up as co-author for all chapters when added as co-author in Edit Multiple Works. This means in step 8, "Chapter by Account A" should not appear under the chapter titles.


Because of the various fixes that have already been deployed, Account B can still edit all chapters when added as co-author, and removing Account A in this state will still allow Account B to edit the work and associated chapters. Related open issues that are out of scope and won't be addressed with this fix: and

Original Issue

Not current! Kept for reference. Scroll up for current details!

Originally reported on Google Code with ID 3923
What archive revision are you testing on? (See the version label in
the footer, for example v0.8.13.8.)


If appropriate, enter the URL of a page where the problem can be seen:

What steps will reproduce the problem?
1. You, AccountA, want to add a co-author, AccountB to multiple multi-chapter works
2. Choose "Edit Works"
3. Tick the boxes next to one or more multi-chapter works
4. Choose "Edit"
5. Under "Add Authors" enter AccountB
6. Choose "Update All Works" and "OK"

The work(s) will now say "by AccountA, AccountB", but all chapters will say "Chapter
by AccountA".

What is the expected output? What do you see instead?

Expect that AccountB will be able to edit at least the first chapter of the work (just
the first because of AO3-3223). Instead, AccountB cannot edit any chapter, including
the first. Trying gives Error 500 (see AO3-3176). AccountB can edit the work in
general, changing title, tags, etc.

Please use labels and text to provide additional information.

If you go on to remove AccountA from the work(s) (as one would do when transferring
a work), the chapters of the work still say "Chapter by AccountA" and are not editable
by anyone. AccountA sees no edit button, and AccountB gets Error 500.

If you transfer a multi-chapter work over individually (that is, not using "Edit Works"),
this is what happens:

1) Edit work, tick "Add co-authors?" and add AccountB

Work now says "by AccountA, AccountB" with all chapters other than the first saying
"Chapter by AccountA". AccountB can edit the work and the first chapter, but not the

2) Edit work, choose "Remove Me As Author"

AccountA's name is removed from all chapters and AccountB can edit all chapters.


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