Deleting Unrevealed/Anon Collection traps works in Unrevealed/Anon


  1. Create a collection with checkboxes for Unrevealed and Anon using not Testy (Testy2 is okay) account

  2. As the collection owner, add a work by Testy to the collection

    1. Accept the collection invite as necessary

  3. Once the work is added to the collection, delete the collection without removing or revealing the work

  4. Verify display of the work

    1. Work will show as a mystery work

    2. Editing the work does not list a collection

    3. Going to does not show the work under any of the three tabs

Case example (testy is the creator, collection was "3906_nuke_test" under my testing account)

sarken noted that we may need to check what other collections works are in after a collection is deleted, and if none of them are anon/unrevealed, then update the work's anon/unrevealed status.


December 1, 2018, 6:20 AM
January 11, 2019, 3:34 AM
  • Created a collection owned by a not-testy user: open, unmoderated, unrevealed, anonymous.

  • Picked a work by testy and tried adding it to the new collection.

  • Got an error: "We couldn't add your submission to the following collection(s): <collection>, because you don't own this item and the collection is anonymous or unrevealed." This is AO3-5016, fixed after this issue was created.

ticking instant
January 11, 2019, 4:20 AM

The QA steps are a little out-of-date, but you can circumvent the fix for by adding someone else’s work to a normal collection, then setting the collection to anonymous/unrevealed, and then going into the collection’s “Manage Items” page to make the item anonymous/unrevealed. (Or you can just log in as the work’s owner and add the work to the anonymous/unrevealed collection yourself.)

January 11, 2019, 4:59 AM
  • Created a collection as a not-testy user: open, unmoderated, unrevealed, anonymous.

  • Logged in as testy and picked a work by testy and added it to the new collection (thanks ).

    • The work became anonymous and had the correct notice "part of an ongoing challenge".

  • As the collection owner, went to the collection's settings, deleted the collection.

  • Logged in as testy:

    • When editing the work, no collection was pre-filled.

    • The work was not listed under Collections > Manage Collected Works.

Looks good so far.

Lady Oscar
January 11, 2019, 7:22 PM

Testing the case of a work in two unrevealed/anon collections when one is deleted:

As LadyOscar, created two unrevealed and anon collections, AardvarksA and AardvarksB.
As testy2, posted a work, adding it to both collections. Work showed up on testy2's Works in Collections page as unrevealed and by Anonymous.
As LadyOscar, deleted collection AardvarksB.
The work remains on testy2's Works in Collections page, unrevealed and anon. Looks good!

Testing the case of a work in an unrevealed/anon collection and a visible collection when the unrevealed/anon collection is deleted:
As LadyOscar, created a not-unrevealed, non-anon collection (that is, a visible collection), AardvarksC.
As testy2, posted a work to AardvarksA and AardvarksC. Work appeared on testy2's Works in Collections page as unrevealed/anon.
As LadyOscar, deleted collection AardvarksA.
Work became visible and authored, as expected. Looks good!





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