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Word count for imported multi-chaptered work is for first chapter only


    • Type: Bug
    • Status: Deployed
    • Priority: Medium
    • Resolution: DeployedToBeta
    • Affects Version/s: 0.9.174
    • Fix Version/s: 0.9.180
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      Internal 0.9
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      When importing a multi-chaptered work from an external site, the word count displays incorrectly. It appears to be the wordcount for the first chapter only, although all chapters have been imported correctly. The word count can be updated by clicking edit workand then post without preview (without making any other changes or editing chapters).

      Problem occurs on webdev, test and beta, from both manual imports and the open doors site (using post without preview ticky). This appears to be a recent bug on beta as works imported to beta prior to December/January appear to have the correct word counts. Some of these works had previously been imported to webdev as part of testing, and the older webdev copies show the error.
      This issue was not noticed at the time of testing the previous imports, however we have a separate report that this problem occurred on webdev in September (OD-60), but as that work had another error we assumed it was related and hadn't yet investigated further

      1. Go to the work import form
      2. Enter more than one URL in the urls field
      3. Enable both Chapters in a single work and Post without preview
      4. Click on Import
      On Beta, only the first chapter is included in the work's word count. When fixed, the word count should be the combined chapter count.




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