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Extend tag set cucumber tests to cover the owner adding and removing tags and associations from the tag set edit page

We got lucky and the following Cucumber scenario caught the fact we weren't allowing a necessary parameter (fandom_tags_to_remove) it doesn't explicitly test:

  Scenario: A user should be able to add additional tags to an existing set
  Given I am logged in as "tagsetter"
    And I set up the tag set "Noncanonical Tags" with the fandom tags "Ywerwe, Blah di blah, Foooo"
  When I follow "Edit"
    And I add the character tags "Bababa, Lalala" and the freeform tags "wheee, gloopy" to the tag set "Noncanonical Tags"
  Then I should see an update confirmation message
    And I should see "wheee"

Let's extend the tests to explicitly check that a tag set owner can add and remove each type of tag – fandom, character, relationship, freeform, warning, rating, and category – especially since warning, rating, and category work a little differently than the others.

Also, there was a scenario that hadn't been written yet:

Scenario: A moderator should be able to manually set up associations between tags in their set on the main tag set edit page

Turns out we need that because we almost broke it /o\

How to test:
No manual testing.