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Extend tag set tests to cover nominations when fandom nominations are not allowed


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    • Affects Version/s: 0.9.181
    • Fix Version/s: 0.9.182
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      Internal 0.9
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      Comment from tickinginstant:

      ...tag sets that don't allow fandom nominations behave somewhat differently from tag sets that do. In particular, the CharacterNominations and RelationshipNominations aren't nested in the FandomNominations, because there are no FandomNominations. And they have an additional `parent_tagname` field for entering the fandom associated with each character and/or relationship.

      (Unfortunately, this doesn't seem to be covered by test cases. I'm guessing that's why this case slipped through the cracks. There's one cucumber test for a tagset with 0 fandom nominations and 3 character nominations, but while it does open the nomination form, it doesn't actually submit any nominations:

       Scenario: A tag set should take nominations within the nomination limits
        Given I am logged in as "tagsetter"
          And I set up the nominated tag set "Nominated Tags" with 0 fandom noms and 3 character noms
        Then I should see "Nominate"
        When I follow "Nominate"
        Then I should see "You can nominate up to 3 characters"

      There are a few RSpec tests that set `fandom_nomination_limit` to 0, but one group of tests is for the `index` action and the other group of tests is for the `new` action – no tests with 0 fandoms for `create` or `update`.)

      How to test:
      No manual testing.




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