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Temporarily amend deploy script to reload unicorns within maintenance window

Sometimes we want to deploy as quickly as possible, this is planned to be a change to the deploy branch. It can be reverted afterwards so we go back to the slow deploy.


mumble [15:30]
i'm not completely sure i follow the intention behind this pull?

this changes the deploy process, and then we have another deploy to change it back?

james_ [15:31]

mumble [15:31]
now for the why <.<

james_ [15:31]
( Well it will not be a revert as I will leave the intelligence in unicorn_reload )

Because I have a 30 minute window and the deploy takes above 50 minutes right now.

mumble [15:32]
why can't we always deploy in under 30 minutes?

i.e. why change it back after

james_ [15:32]
because there is much disruption when we do that

mumble [15:32]
this is for deploys with downtime?

james_ [15:33]