Admin: Bulk user search reports incorrect number of emails found if capitalisation is different


  1. Log in as admin

  2. Go to manage users > bulk email search

  3. Search for an email address with different capitalisation than appears in the account records (eg if the email address is, search

  4. The result will say "1 emails searched. 0 found. 1 not found." and list the email address that you searched (eg, but below that section will be displayed the account with the differently punctuated email address (

  5. Download the CSV output

  6. Open the CSV output in your preferred program

  7. It will have an entry for "both" email addresses, one with an account next to it, one without.

What I expect to happen:

I would expect it to ignore capitalisation altogether, and just return that it found the email address I searched, and list it once in the csv.

Please also test that:

  • the “Not found” header does not display when all results are found

  • the text under the field where you enter the email addresses no longer mentions “URLs”


November 16, 2017, 3:45 PM
January 26, 2020, 10:54 AM

The email for my account is (not really, but I don’t want to put my email here) so I searched for

It correctly reported that the email was found and listed it only in the found section. However! The “Not found” header was still there, above “1 user found,” which was confusing. Could we make that only display if there are actually emails that are not found?

I downloaded the CSV and it correctly listed my email once. It didn’t list my username in the Username column, though. Is that right?

ETA: Never mind. I see what happened. I did the search with my actual email and changed what was entered in the fields to take the above screenshot. I left that example address in there and press “Download CSV,” which gave me a CSV with no username and the “” address. When I tried the search again and press download without changing what was in the field, it was fine. Makes sense!

January 27, 2020, 3:54 AM

The confusing “Not found” header is gone, so looks good to me!

ETA: And now it says this under the field for entering emails: “Email addresses to find; one per line.

February 4, 2020, 6:07 AM
  • The text under the email field says "Email addresses to find; one per line."

  • Searched for (there exists a user for

    • Result summary was "1 email entered. 1 searched. 1 found. 0 not found. 0 duplicates."

    • The header "Not found" did not appear.

    • The header "1 user found" did.

    • The CSV contained:

  • Searched for,,, The last email is not used.

    • Result summary was "4 emails entered. 3 searched. 2 found. 1 not found. 1 duplicate."

    • The header "Not found" appeared, with

    • The header "2 users found" appeared, listing and

    • The CSV contained:

Looks good.





Alison Watson





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