Chapter co-creators removed from the only chapter they are on are not removed from the work


Steps to reproduce

  1. On (eg) Testy, post a new chapter, or edit a chapter, to add (eg) testy2 as a chapter co-creator

  2. Make sure this is the only chapter of the work that testy2 is co-creator on

  3. Log in as testy 2 and navigate to the Edit Chapter page for the chapter

  4. Select "Remove Me As Chapter Co-Creator"

What happens

testy2 is removed as co-creator of that chapter, but retains co-creator access to the work as a whole

What should happen

If a co-creator who was added only to one or more chapters (and not as co-creator of the whole work) removes themselves from the last chapter for which they were credited, it should also remove them as a co-creator of the work and remove all associated edit permissions etc.


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August 18, 2019, 1:47 PM

This isn’t one of the bugs that I tried to address in my PR for , so I’m a little confused about why it’s included in the co-creator release. I thought maybe you were planning to merge the pre-existing PR for this, so that they could be included in the same release, but I forgot that merging would produce a lot of merge conflicts.

August 18, 2019, 3:21 PM

It wasn't on your PR, I added to this release as a reminder to retest it. Now we know the bug has not changed.

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August 18, 2019, 5:06 PM

Gotcha! That makes sense now.

June 3, 2020, 1:31 AM
  1. As testy, posted a work

  2. Added a second chapter to said work and listed lydia_theda as chapter co-creator

    1. testy is OD Archivist so didn’t have to accept any invite, just got the notification email

    2. Work showed both testy and lydia_theda as creators

    3. Chapter 1 showed “testy” as creator while Chapter 2 showed nothing (since chapter 2 creators matched work creators)

  3. As lydia_theda, went into the edit view of Chapter 2 and clicked “Remove me as chapter co-creator”

    1. Redirected to dashboard, received the notice “You have been removed as a creator from the work.”

    2. The work was gone from lydia_theda’s works/dashboard/etc listings.

    3. Going back a page (Chapter 2’s edit page), any actions attempted redirect to Chapter 1 with the message “Sorry, you don't have permission to access the page you were trying to reach.”

Looks good.

June 8, 2020, 7:03 PM

followed all the steps to recreate the issue. when removing myself as a co-creator from the chapter, i was removed from the entire work and no longer able to access the work as a co-creator. looks good.




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