Series bookmarks do not appear on tag's bookmark page when a formerly canonical tag is synned to a new tag


Steps to reproduce

  1. Log in as a Tag Wrangler

  2. Post a new work in a new series, with a new tag:

    1. Post > New Work

    2. Fill in required information, using a new tag for the Fandom, e.g. "New Fandom Test Tag"

      • Note: It doesn't have to be a new fandom tag, but it's easier/quicker for testing purposes

    3. Check "This work is part of a series"

    4. Fill in "Or create and use a new one:" with a name for your series, e.g. "New Test Series"

    5. Post Without Preview

  3. Canonize the tag:

    1. Go to the Edit page for your new tag, e.g.

    2. Check "Canonical"

    3. Press "Save changes"

  4. Make your work and series bookmarks:

    1. Hi, username! > My Works

    2. Follow the linked title of the work you just posted

    3. Press "Bookmark" to go to the bookmark form

    4. Press "Create" to save the bookmark

    5. Follow the link to the work's series

    6. Press "Bookmark Series" to open the bookmark form

    7. Press "Create" to save the bookmark

  5. Wait 10 or 15 minutes – as long as it takes for the work and the bookmarks to appear on the work ( and bookmark listings (

  6. Make your test tag a synonym of another tag:

    1. Go to the tag's edit page, e.g.

    2. Fill in "Synonym of" with another brand new tag, e.g. "Canonical New Fandom Test Tag"

    3. Press "Save changes"

  7. Wait 10, 15, or even 20 minutes while the wrangling change takes place

What happens

The bookmark of the work correctly appears on the bookmark listing ( The bookmark of the series does not.

What should happen

All bookmarks should appear on the bookmark listing.


Could be related:

  • (I suspect it's the same cause)

  • (Basically the same problem with external works)

Before I turned the canonical tag into a synonym, these were the filters on the series:

And after I did the synning:

So the good news is the new filter_id (1218355) is getting added to the series – but I suspect it's just trickling down to the series from the work update, since series tags come from the works – so the series bookmark will indeed show up if the series bookmark gets reindexed. The bad news is the old filter_id (1218352) is still attached.

Part of the issue might be that the reindex_taggables method only reindexes works and bookmarks that use the tag. If the tag is on the bookmarkable (i.e. the series), the bookmark will not be reindexed.


Tag Wrangler Chairs
June 9, 2018, 2:21 PM

GF tested with the final canonical tag of "Procrastination/Testing (Personification)":*s*Testing%20%28Personification%29/bookmarks

Both the series and work bookmarks appear in the listing after synning. Fixed!

Lady Oscar
June 11, 2018, 2:07 AM

Looks good!







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