Run unwrangled bins through elasticsearch


There's currently not a good direct way to query which tags are unwrangled for which fandoms and how many of them there are, and the joins we use now are hard on the database. To make the system more efficient, we want to cache that data in Elasticsearch, making it easier to query.


Note: Until this comment is removed, this list should be considered a work in progress.

Note: AO3-2270 will also be in this release. Any comments regarding unwrangled tags on works tagged with fandom syns (as opposed to canonical fandom tags) should go on that issue.

  • On the edit pages for unwrangled tags, the list of Suggested Fandoms should be correct.

    • Suggestions will only come from the first 100 uses of the tag. For example, if the unwrangled character tag “Sharon Raydor” is used on 100 works tagged with the fandom “The Closer,” and is then used on 1 work tagged with “Major Crimes (TV),” only “The Closer” will appear in the list of suggested fandoms. Also, “The Closer” should only appear once, not 100 times.

  • Creating a new work/draft with (or editing an existing work/draft to include) a new character, relationship, or freeform tag should place that tag in the appropriate unwrangled bin for any canonical fandoms listed on the work. This should happen within a few minutes of the tag being added to the work.

  • When a new character, relationship, or freeform tag is added to a work in one of your fandoms, the number of unwrangled tags listed on your wrangling page should increase appropriately within about 4 hours.

  • If you wrangle an unwrangled tag, the number of unwrangled tags listed on your wrangling page should decrease appropriately within a few minutes. The tag should also disappear from your fandom’s unwrangled bin within a few minutes.

  • Unwrangled tag bins should only include unwrangled tags.

  • Sorting unwrangled tag bins by tag name, date created, and number of taggings should work correctly.


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