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Possible to reuse an invitation after the account that initially used the invitation is deleted

Steps to reproduce

Note that this also works with an invitation you've received from another user.

  1. Follow the "Get Invited!" link from the homepage

  2. Request an invitation by filling in the "Email" field (with an email address you have access to) and pressing "Add me to the list"

  3. Wait for your invitation to come

  4. Follow the signup link in the email

  5. Fill in all the fields and press "Create Account" to create an account

  6. Wait for the confirmation email

  7. Follow the "activate your account" link in the email

  8. Log in using the account you just created

  9. Hi, username! > My Dashboard > Profile > Delete My Account

  10. Choose "OK" in the popup to confirm account deletion

  11. Go back to your invitation email

  12. Follow the signup link in the email

  13. Fill in all the fields and press "Create Account"

What happens

Your account is successfully created.

What should happen

Following the signup link in the email should result in you being redirected to the homepage with an error saying, "This invitation has already been used to create an account, sorry!"

This is the same error message that is supposed to appear when you follow a signup link that has been used by an existing account, but there seems to be a bug preventing it from actually appearing.


If an invitation was used for an account that has been purged as 14 days of being unactivated, the invitation will be reusable.

If you’re looking at the invitation’s show page:

  • when an account gets purged, the invitation's "Redeemed at" and "Redeemed by" will be reset to blank, indicating the invitation can be reused

  • when an account is deleted by the user, the invitation's "Redeemed by" will be reset to blank, but the "Redeemed at" will still be present, indicating the invitation cannot be reused

Also, on the admin search results page for invitations, if the "copy and use" link is available, the invitation is definitely usable (the link is only displayed if there's no "Redeemed at" info).



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