Series information lost when clarifying an ambiguous pseud on a work


Steps to reproduce:

  1. You need three user accounts: User1, User2, and User3. (You don't actually need access to User3's account, but the account needs to exist.)

  2. Log in as User2.

  3. View your profile, go to Manage Pseuds, and add a new pseud with the name User3.

  4. Log in as User1.

  5. Create a work with a brand new series and with "User3" listed as a co-creator.

  6. Because "User3" is ambiguous, you will be prompted to clarify whether you meant "User3 (User3)" or "User3 (User2)." Choose one – it doesn't matter which – and finish posting.

What happens:

The posted work does not belong to any series.

What should happen:

The posted work should belong to a series.

(Note that this is not identical to AO3-5606, which deals with adding ambiguous co-creators directly to the series.)


Nary Rising
August 18, 2019, 2:18 AM

Added a new work in a new series on testy, with co-author Nary. It asked me to clarify, I picked one and posted. Work correctly appears in a series! Looks good.

August 18, 2019, 8:53 AM

Went to post a new work with the co-creator “testy” and the new series “5662 Series.” When I pressed “Post Without Preview,” I was taken back to the form with an error saying in part, “Invalid creator: The pseud testy is ambiguous.”

I selected a user who had the pseud “testy” from the dropdown (the user I chose was “orphan_account”).

As I scrolled down, I looked at the series portion of the form and noted “5662 Series” was selected from the “Choose one of your existing series” dropdown.

I pressed “Post Without Preview” and… was taken to a blank white page, with the URL in my browser’s address bar (Safari 12.1.2). When I checked my work listing, my new work was definitely not posted.

The series was created, though: if I go to the post new work page, it’s in the dropdown that lists my series. The URL is (accessible only to logged in users).

Something’s not quite right.

ETA: Because I left the white page with open in a tab, just for fun, I pressed refresh in my browser. It asked if I wanted to send the form again; I said yes. Nothing happened. I did it again, including saying yes. The work was created that time and it was added to the series, which is no longer empty and no longer restricted to logged-in users. It was all rather odd.

August 19, 2019, 8:06 AM

The white screen was unrelated to this particular activity, and trying again worked just fine. Ready to go!



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