Upgrade Elasticsearch to 6.8.5 and its gem to 6.8.0



To get to Elasticsearch 7.3, we need to go to 6.8.x first.

This will change the version in our automated testing and update the gem.

This will want a smoke test in the filters:

  • filtering for something returns expected results

  • searching for something returns expected results

  • posting a work adds it to the relevant /works pages

  • adding a new chapter to a work bumps it to the top of the relevant /works pages

  • deleting a work removes it from the relevant /works pages


November 22, 2019, 8:55 AM

MagnusIsMyRock and I tested the Elasticsearch upgrade to 6.8.5 – sans gem – on staging and found that all was well, so next it will be time for the gem.

November 23, 2019, 7:41 AM

sarken 02:16
It looks to me like posting, adding a chapter, and deleting all work as expected. Filtering does, too: in the BSG tag, I included a pairing, excluded a rating, sorted by kudos and it all looked good. Giving searching a try now...

nimadge 02:22
Search and filtering works, excluding and including and with several parameters. Trying posting.

sarken 02:22
Searching was a bit slow for me, but ultimately worked. I tried a search for:
Tags: No Archive Warnings Apply, F/F Complete Language: English word count: >50000 sort by: kudos descending

nimadge 02:27
Hmmm. New chapter trouble, it doesn't get on top when sorted by date updated

nimadge 02:27
I'll try a couple more

sarken 02:31
replied to a thread:
Hmmm. New chapter trouble, it doesn't get on top when sorted by date updated
I ran into that problem the other day and it turned out the works I was adding the chapters to were backdated, so that might be something to check

nimadge 02:34
I created another work, and after it went through, that work appeared under the newest one in the second place. It's the work from language testing, idk if it was backdated

nimadge 02:35
Now all in correct order, mb it was just slow. (edited)

nimadge 02:39
Adding another chapter went through as expected. Not backdated. Probably just slow, yeah

Lady Oscar
November 25, 2019, 2:21 AM

1) Filtered a Works page by various parameters, include, exclude, search within results. All worked as expected.

2) Searched for works with various parameters. Results were as expected.

3) Posted a new work. It appeared promptly on creator and tag work pages.

4) Added a chapter to an older work. It was moved to the top on my Dashboard promptly and to the top of works lists after a short wait. Did the same with the work in 3, same result.

5) Deleted the work in 3. It vanished from Works pages.

Looks good!










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