TinyMCE mobile sucks


Users have spoken: TinyMCE's mobile editor sucks in its current limited state.

Let's try to force the non-mobile version on mobile devices.


November 9, 2019, 6:58 AM

Relle tested on Samsung Galaxy S9+, Android 9, Chrome 78; GoldenFalls tested on iphone 3, 13.1.3 Safari; nimadge tested on Meizu m15, Android 7.1.2, Chrome 78 and Android 8.1, Chrome 78.

(Some of these messages included screenshots.)

GoldenFalls 01:31
Success! \o/ [Screenshot: Empty RTE inside the posting form, looks very similar to desktop, but the buttons are grouped on four separate lines, which correspond with the section dividers on desktop. These leaves a fair amount of extra horizontal space on the right of some lines.]

Relle 01:31
looks right on my phone too

sarken 01:32
Device/OS version/browser info for y'all?

GoldenFalls 01:32
Of course, it's a bit awkward looking that the different sections don't wrap, but this is infinitely better than the separate window!

Relle 01:33
Samsung Galaxy S9+, Android 9, Chrome 78

GoldenFalls 01:33
iphone 3, 13.1.3 Safari

sarken 01:33
(Also, please poke around a bit and make sure it seems generally functional -- e.g. you can click buttons and apply formatting, copying and pasting formatted text might even work)

nimadge 01:37
All works, Meizu m15, Android 7.1.2, Chrome 78 (edited) [Screenshot: RTE with text, demonstrating styles applied. Right-aligned bold, struck-through, and italicized text. The buttons on this OS/browser only take up three lines, with each row containing the maximum number of buttons that will fit.]
Copypasting formatted text works too.

Relle 01:38
seems good [Screenshot: RTE with text, demonstrating some styles applied. Styles include bold, italic, underline, link, strikethrough, numbered and unordered lists, horizontal rule, blockquote.]

nimadge 01:39
Android 8.1 also good with Chrome 78

GoldenFalls 01:42
Playing around with it and it's looking good so far

Relle 01:43
yeah I've tried all the buttons and everything is working as it should

GoldenFalls 01:46
Do we typically allow font-weight in the html? It's not getting stripped from my stuff when I c+p from google docs (mobile app)

sarken 01:47
It does copy over into the RTE sometimes (generally with Google Docs, in my experience), but the sanitizer will strip it out when you hit post
Which is to say: no, we don't allow it

nimadge 01:50
ALSO it picks up italics and they don't disappear in copypaste from GDocs (edited) [Screenshot: Preview page for a word, indeed showing italics in the text.]

GoldenFalls 01:50
As well as bold!

Okay that works and it looks like the same behaviour as before (font-weight is stripped, italics that don't include the punctuation give an extra space, etc.)










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