Tag search: Allow searching by fandom, searching for non-canonical tags, and sorting results


Tag Search Page

(To get here, choose "Tags" from the "Search" menu in the main navigation.)

  • Please remove the "Beta" from the "Tag Search: Beta" heading.

  • The form can continue to display on results pages as it currently does; if we decide we hate this now that it takes up more room, we can tweak it later.

  • Please capitalize "Tags" on the search button.

Tag name

The field where you enter the text. Behavior should be unchanged from current form. Please remove the title attribute from the text field, as the field will now have a label.


Autocomplete list of canonical fandoms to search (it should fall back to a regular text input if JavaScript is disabled).

Like all of our other search fields, entering multiple fandoms will find tags in all fandoms listed, not any fandoms listed. In other words, you could use this to find tags shared between Star Trek: The Original Series and Star Trek: Alternate Original Series, but not tags that are in either ST:TOS or Supernatural.

The footnote under the field says, "Find tags wrangled to specific canonical fandoms." Please make sure to use aria-describedby with this field and footnote to ensure the instructions are read at the appropriate time for screen readers. (Check the support form's "Your comment" field and footnote for an example.)

Should look at the fandom_ids field.


Previously a select menu that let you choose which type of tag to search for, but now a list of radio buttons, because select fields are dreadful on mobile, so it's not nice to use them if you have only a few options. Actual behavior is unchanged: choosing a type searches for tags of that type.

The options should be: Fandom, Character, Relationship, Freeform, Any type. (“Any type” replaces the blank select option.)

The unordered list of radio buttons is wrapped in a <fieldset> for visual balance and organization.

Wrangling status

To replace the previous Canonical checkbox, a list of radio buttons: Canonical, Non-canonical, Any status. Looks at the canonical field.

The unordered list of radio buttons is wrapped in a <fieldset> for visual balance and organization.

Nothing should be selected by default, and the "Any status" option is there in case you select “Canonical” or “Non-canonical” and wish you didn't.

Sort by

Select list of sorting options (because it's what we use for sorting everywhere).

Options should be: Date created, Name, Uses. They should each sort by the corresponding field (created_at, name, uses).

"Name" should be selected by default, as it is the current sorting behavior.

Tag Browse Page

(To get here, choose "Tags" from the "Browse" menu in the main navigation.)

This page currently has the tag search form on the top, which is inconsistent with the other browse pages and which will no longer be feasible with a bigger search form. Please remove the form and add the following at the top of the main content area:

<p>These are some of the most popular tags used on the Archive. To find more tags, <a href="/tags/search">try our tag search</a>.</p>

If we're looking at the random view, it should be changed to "some random tags used".









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