Rename creator invitations to co-creator requests


We've received Support requests from users who expect to find their Archive invites at the "Creator Invitations (#)" link in the dashboard menu. We'd like to rename "creator invitations" to "co-creator requests" to hopefully avoid this confusion:

  • The dashboard menu link should be "Co-Creator Requests (#)".

  • If a user has a pending co-creator request on a chapter/work/series, they should see a notice on that chapter/work/series with the text "To accept or reject the invitation, visit your Co-Creator Requests page.", where "Co-Creator Requests page" is a link to the page.

  • The page itself:

    • should have the HTML title "Co-Creator Requests".

    • should have the heading "Co-Creator Requests".

    • if there are no requests, should display "No co-creator requests found."

    • if there are any requests, should have "List of Co-Creator Requests" as the legend of the mass request edit form (this element is not visible by default).

  • On the user's preferences page, the help-popup for the Privacy section should show (changed text in bold) "You won't be listed as a co-creator anywhere on the site until you have accepted the request. If you have this option enabled, you can find any requests you receive in your Dashboard under "Co-Creator Requests". You will also receive an email notifying you of the request."

  • When a user is added as a co-creator by an archivist, the "Archivist co-creator notification" email should include "Because they are acting in their official capacity as an Open Doors archivist, they are allowed to add you without a request, even if you have co-creation disabled.".

  • When a user with co-creation enabled is added as a co-creator by another user, the notification email:

    • should have the subject "Co-creator request" instead of "Co-creator invitation",

    • should include in its body "You can accept or reject this request on your Co-Creator Requests page". Note that "Co-Creator Requests" should be a link to said page in the HTML version of the email.

Finally, for consistency, we should rename a few things not visible to users:


December 5, 2020, 9:07 PM

reviewer: Sarken

Sammie Louise
December 11, 2020, 10:26 AM
  • Dashboard menu link is "Co-Creator Requests"

  • Page Heading is "Co-Creator Requests"

  • Page Title is "Co-Creator Requests"

  • Legend is "List of Co-Creator Requests

  • Help pop-up text has been changed to use "request" language

  • Archivist email uses "request"

  • Regular user email is titled "Co-creator request" and uses "request" language in the body of the email. (This point in the issue summary mistakenly states this email should be send to a user with co-creation disabled. This email will only be sent to someone who has allowed co-creator invitations in their preferences rather than the other way around)

Looks good!

Taylor Clossin
December 11, 2020, 10:31 AM

Everything looks as it should, but:

I didn't test for the Open Doors archivist email.
The "List of Co-Creator Requests" isn't on the page - I mentioned this in Slack already though.

December 11, 2020, 2:24 PM

Fixed the description for the regular user email test, thanks Sammie!

December 13, 2020, 12:32 PM

The archivist co-creator notification email says “Because they are acting in their official capacity as an Open Doors archivist, they are allowed to add you without a request, even if you have co-creation disabled.“ for both the HTML and the text versions.

Looks good.



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