Using the Add Prompt form to add a prompt with a noncanonical tag gives unhelpful error and loses input


Steps to reproduce

  1. Log in

  2. Browse > Collections > New Collection

  3. Fill in required information

  4. For "Type of challenge, if any," choose prompt meme

  5. Submit

  6. Check "Sign-up open?" if not already checked

  7. Allow Descriptions, 1 Fandom, 1 Character, 1 Relationship, 1 Additional Tag

  8. Submit

  9. Follow the "Prompt Form" link

  10. Fill in one of the tag fields with a canonical tag

  11. Submit

  12. Follow the "Add Prompt" link

  13. Fill in one of the tag fields with a noncanonical tag

  14. Enter text in the Description

  15. Submit

What happens

I am redirected to the sign-up edit page ( with the error "That prompt would make your overall sign-up invalid, sorry."

The information I entered is nowhere to be seen.

What should happen

The new prompt form should be reloaded and all of my information should still be filled in. (Redirecting me to the sign-up edit page would also be acceptable if my information were saved.)

There should be an error like the one you get if you attempt to use a noncanonical tag while first submitting or editing the sign-up (refer to screenshot for what the error for sign-ups looks like):

Sorry! We couldn't save this request because:

These tag type tags in your request are not canonical and cannot be used in this challenge: tag name. To fix this, please ask your challenge moderator to set up a tag set for the challenge. New tags can be added to the tag set manually by the moderator or through open nominations.


If you try using a noncanonical tag while using the Edit Sign-up page, you get the desired error message. This is true whether you're editing the current request or adding a new one.









Affects versions

Fix versions







Internal 0.9